FALSE ALARM? : Perrie Edwards and Luke Pasqualino Are Still Dating

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Perrie Edwards and Luke Pasqualino are either extremely good at being coy about the status of their relationship or they're really good at throwing off everyone else about it. Now there are reports surfacing that the two are actually still an item and just simply keeping it on the hush hush, for now – thank you very much.

Just previously, it had been reported that Perrie and her potential beau Luke were never even dating – they were only just good friends! There was even that rumor that Luke allegedly laughed off rumors of him ever dating Perrie to begin with, which we thought was very rude, but apparently, that couldn't be further from the truth because...

There are new reports of the two being seen together after a fan spotted the two of them in Manchester getting into a cab. WAIT, WHAT?! Anyone else completely thrown off by this new twist, or is that just us?

According to the fan, who then, of course, took to Twitter to reveal what she saw happen – the couple was casually taking stroll through the streets of the city when they decided to hop on a cab – and that's about it!

Hmm...whatever these two are up to together we only hope they let us in on the big secret sooner rather than later! Seriously though, the pair is so cute together and we can only hope that they make it work and make our shipping dreams come true!

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